Curriculum Vitae

Refer to my LinkedIn page for a comprehensive version of my CV.


2017-09 – 2018-09 University of Edinburgh
MSc in Cognitive Science with Merit; dissertation abstract.
2012-10 – 2016-02 University of Konstanz
BA in Linguistics; thesis abstract.
2014-04 – 2016-03 Deutschland­stipendium
Germany Scholarship at the University of Konstanz.


2020-03 – today Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin
parliamentary reporter for the state parliament of Berlin.
2019-01 – 2020-01 StackFuel GmbH
training operations manager: individually assisting participants and helping them transform their careers towards data science; giving webinars; planning trainings.
2015-10 – 2016-09 University of Konstanz
student assistant, linguistic project work: work on theoretical questions in semantics/pragmatics, corpora, statistics and annotations.
2015-07 – 2015-10 International Anti-Corruption Academy
diplomatic communication; attendance at meetings; collection and compilation of corruption-related and general information.
2013-10 – 2014-07 University of Konstanz
linguistic project work: work with corpora and annotations. helping students with Python programmig; grading homework.
2010-10 – 2011-05 Banff Lodging Company & Delta Hotels
Working Holiday visa.
2009-08 – 2010-08 St. Mauritius Therapieklinik
guarding of impaired children at the clinic’s swimming pool.

Volunteer Work

2014-08 – 2015-03 FN-studentene Tromsø
board work at the United Nations student organization in Tromsø.
2013-09 – 2014-06 TEDxBodensee
TEDx event organization; from 2013-09 to 2014-03 as part of my studies, after that voluntarily.
2005 – 2011 Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft
swimming instruction of children aged 6 to 14.


German native language.
English master’s degree in Scotland; Working Holiday in Canada; since 2001.
Norwegian everyday conversations; one year in Norway; since 2014.
others basic knowledge of Spanish and Arabic.

Skills & Interests

computer skills statistical programming with R; Python programming; typesetting with LaTeX; several office applications; macOS, Windows, Linux, UNIX command line; touch typing.
hobby activities theatre; cross-country skiing; swimming; writing; cycling as my main means of transportation.

Fun Fact

I created my own writing system for a novel; sentences look like trees, syllables are their branches and letters are represented by leafs.